Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Hot-Mic Exchange re Guns & Sex

Exclusive: Audio recording of a not-broadcast hot-mic exchange between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during a debate break when Bernie told Hillary to "stop shouting" about "gun control" in response to which Hillary asserted the feminist view about guns and accused Bernie of being "sexist" to describe her assertions as "shouting." This exchange has led to a number of news reports* concerning whether Bernie is "sexist" or Hillary is "faking."


Official Text of the hot-mic exchange between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton regarding gun control and related subjects:

Sanders: Hillary, stop shouting about gun control ... next thing we'll be hearing from you is that you support "Campus Dildo Carry" a.k.a. #CocksNotGlocks a.k.a. Cocks Not Glocks."

Hillary: From my cold dead hand.

Bill Clinton (interrupting this exchange during the debate break): Cigar?

Hillary: Never. Women have to be given the tools they need. I'm obviously thinking about all kinds of positions but not nearly enough and this is a special treat for me. (vibrating sound) Oooooohhh!

Soon, the National Dildo Association (NDA) will eclipse the lobbying power of the National Rifle Association (NRA).


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Allen said...

73 years ago monday, the jews in the warsaw ghetto in poland fought back against the people who sent them there to die. they used guns, smuggled in and stolen from the people they killed to try to save themselves.

sunday, we learned fascists still argue about the importance of taking guns away from people before you really screw them, but haven't quite figured out how to de-quill a porcupine.