Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Beyond Top Secret - CHLO YOBUT*.......................from Rico

America is no longer under the rule of law. If it were, Hillary would not be running for office, she would instead be running for Mexico.
- The last count I saw was something like 1,324 classified e-mails had been transmitted via her personal unclassified system. It's probably more, but the 'releases' have been delayed and staggered so there's no final count yet. Some would say there has been 'stalling' while giving lip-service to cooperating.
The Democratic party is no longer a political party, but an organized criminal enterprise.
- Barry is a Democrat, and the current capo of the crime family. His consigliere AG Lynch is a Democrat. Hillary is a Democrat. She will not be prosecuted by her fellow criminals.
Not even for what the Intelligence Community Inspector General (Charles McCullough III) in a 14 Jan 2016 letter identifies as Hillary's illegal home-brew private unclassified e-mail system carrying intelligence BEYOND TOP SECRET.
- What could be beyond Top Secret you ask? How about SI secret codeword stuff (SIGINT), TK (IMINT), and not just G (HUMINT) but the holy of holies SAP (Special Access Program) material. The handling markings look something like this:
                          TOP SECRET //SI/TK/G/SAP//
Anyone who has ever been exposed to this material, and who fully understands the implications, just had a shiver run down the back of their neck.
- If a mere mortal were to mishandle or screw up dealing with this material, not to mention risk exposing it, they would go away. For a long time, if not forever.
Hillary will not be prosecuted.
- As I said two years ago, she has a very good chance of being elected President in 2016. She has been pre-selected.
The formerly-known-as Democratic party of Truman and Hubert Humphrey no longer exists, and it hasn't for a very long time....probably not since JFK.
- It is now merely an organized crime syndicate.
*CHLO YOBUT is the Russian equivalent of WTF

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