Monday, 4 January 2016

Clear priorities........................from Rico

The regime's priorities are clear. Crystal clear.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
The government is WRONG about the Hammonds, and the Hammonds are in the RIGHT. The government has acted completely outside the law, while the Hammond's have obeyed it...and to their credit, didn't kill one single person in the sordid process (although a few rightly deserved killing in this pathetic example of government abusing its citizens).
- Of course it makes perfect sense for Barry's American Gestapo to destroy this dangerous-to-nobody family. They're obviously cowboy-looking, and kinda white-looking too....bonus points for the Racist-in-Chief.
Just don't expect to hear anything remotely similar to the truth when Obunghole goes on TV to 'pitch' his latest illegal effort to gut the 2nd Amendment.
Not even on their radar:
It also makes perfect sense for this regime (which created, trained, funded, and armed ISIS) to completely ignore Muslim terrorist murderers. Hell's bells, Barry cannot even bring himself to say those words.
- 2015 ended with Boko Haram having killed 11,000 innocents, and ISIS having killed another 6,500. Nope, nothing to see here. Paris? That was the Climate Conference wasn't it? Because #CaviarMatters or something.
And in other "news" (well, some still call it that):
The usual suspects (the Ministry of Truth, the Regime, and "progressives" all have their non-gender specific undergarments in a twist over Trump's TV Ad about "cutting the head off ISIS."
- Hillary, who doesn't consort with common people btw, is reported to have called Trump rude while ignoring the 8,000# Muslim terrorist in the room.

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