Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Crying Obama Executive Orders Universal Background Check for Guns

As "Doctor Obama" Invoking the doctrine of "Doctor Knows Best" and as "Fearless Leader" invoking the doctrine of "Divine Insight" by which a "Progressive Leader Knows Best," by my Executive Orders, I (while crying) hereby declare, decree and command "Universal Background Checks" (here or here) be applicable to all transfers of all guns or firearms from one person to another without each transferee first being certified under my decrees as being mentally qualified to own and possess a firearm.


For too long our system of "Constitutionally" guaranteeing individual rights and other pernicious forms of liberty has forced us to live in a society under circumstances preventing the wisdom of progressive government from doing [i]for[/i] each American what is best for each American. So it's high-time that my progressive leadership protect all Americans against all follies of liberty. No longer will the wise hand of government be restrained from limiting liberty, but rather it is commanded to act in all respects to "do what's good" for all Americans.

  Henceforth, there shall be a Federal "Naughty & Nice" list such that no one can acquire a gun or firearm without first being determined to be "nice" rather than "naughty." And since Progressive Doctrine makes it clear, only Progressive Government possesses the wisdom to be "nice," and, therefore, only government employees and agents can be deemed "nice" rather than "naughty."

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--Doctor Obama / Fearless Leader / Crying Obama Executive Order

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