Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Date For Next Cataclysm Just Moved Up...........................from Dan Friedman


[Some of the usual  idiots in the press are still calling the Iran/Saudi Arabia confrontation a “diplomatic row” or a spike in sectarian tensions. But today (thanks to BHO) it’s much more serious than that. Reason being, Saudi Arabia must calculate how much patience it can have with Iran while the Mullahs rush to complete their hydrogen bomb. Imagine if you’re are a senior member of Saudi Arabia’s defense establishment, better late than never no longer applies. Quite the opposite in fact, since the luxury of time is something you no longer can afford. Fight your arch enemy on your own terms now or face him later when he has the advantage of nuclear arms? Gives you a hint of the future, does it not? Barack Hussein Obama, our dear president, how can we ever thank you for the lovely shambles you’re leaving us? df]

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