Saturday 23 January 2016

Diversity.................................from Rico

The authoritarian Marxist Left has been a sponsor of "diversity" for some time now, while failing to define it any better than "hope" and "change" were defined.
- Substituting the 'less able' for the 'more able' under the guise of "social justice" (replacing merit with melanin) is a clever attack not merely upon abilityism, but was a precursor intended to 'soften up' the Western target.
Another prong of the attack on Western values is the Left's witting and fraudulent selling of Islam as a religion, and a religion of peace at that.
- They know full well that it is a controlling political system entwined with a death cult that worships a rock.
Merkel (the former Communist youth leader), for one example, is sacrificing Germany's traditions and values for the false promise of a "multicultural utopia."
- Like all Leftist schemes, that's really working out well.
Diversity. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing read tghose words to the tune of the song by 'War' from the 1960's "War. What is it good for?").....except organized systemic violence against European women (musloid rape fiestas), and pepper spray & gun sales.
- In fairness, the problem isn't just the "rapefugee's"....they are only the 'muscle' being used by the Left to impose their latest social engineering scheme upon everyone. It is the Marxist Left that is the real enemy here.

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