Thursday, 14 January 2016

Gone Full Pinocchio.....................from Rico

It was intentionally and by design called "The Affordable Care Act" which (a) sounded pretty damned good to the gimme free shit army, (b) became known as "ObamaCare" after the asshole who signed it into law in 2010, and (c) promised to make healthcare AFFORDABLE.
- The leftists see this as Barry's signature achievement.
Well, who are we to disagree?
- In 2016 every state but Mississippi will see health care premiums increase (is that 49 out of 50, or 56 out of 57 Barry?).
- One in three states (17%) will see average increases of +20%.
- The highest premium increases will be in five states: MN 47.7%, AK 39.1%, TN 35.2%, HI 30.0%, and OK 29.4%.
If anyone had one remaining shred of doubt about the "honesty" of the US Government, this example alone should be proof that the establishment has gone full Pinocchio.

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Jim said...

Check your math. One in three is 33%. Are you trying to make it sound good?