Friday 22 January 2016

Jews Torturing Jews (cont'd)...........................from Dan Friedman

This bit of commentary just in via Facebook and Caroline Glick:
Last month former Israeli Navy Commander and former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon published an ad in support of the Israel libeling, EU funded, BDS advocating Breaking the Silence group.

And yesterday a Jew hating, BDS supporting mob busted up his speech at King's College London. They broke windows and threw chairs at the students listening to his anti-Israel propaganda.

I wonder what he thought. After all, he no doubt was sure that by libeling his own people as a post-military career, he'd get some immunity from the hate and violence.

Do you think that now that he's experienced the hatred himself that he realizes he's been wrong all along?
Did you say "former Shin Bet chief," Caroline Glick? I think you did. And you wonder why some people like me don't trust the Shabak when it comes to investigating and meting out justice for young Jews residing in Judea & Samaria. They’re slime who live in two inches of water, that’s why.

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