Saturday, 16 January 2016

My New Political Litmus Test. It's Mandatory......................from Dan Friedman

This particular post was inspired by Republican drive-by shooters who go after Cruz and/or Trump. What you won’t find in almost all their hysterical attacks is the Republican candidate they’d prefer to win. This is no accident because naming the politician they want to be president exposes their place in the political spectrum. For example, here’s Peter Wehner, a washed-up establishment loser who’s liberal enough to be a part-time employee of the NYT and a honorary Jew at Commentary. I emailed the question to him yesterday and so far he hasn’t replied. No surprise. Who am I anyway? Heck, I don’t even have a freakin’ blog! Or is it that Wehner is a Jeb Bush man and wants to avoid the embarrassment since Bush has now sunk below the radar?
My political advice to anyone following the Republican race is don’t let anyone throw a breaking ball past you. Find out where it’s coming from first. And demand it in writing.

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