Wednesday 20 January 2016

Not paying attention?........................from Rico

For some time the ones paying attention (to boring things like the Baltic Dry Index, for example) have been cautioning investors to 'get out of the system.'
- Insiders got the message, and have been selling their positions. Everyone else ignored the memo.
Just a few days ago on 12 Jan, a major global bank [RBS] told its clients "Sell Everything." They were NOT "peddling fiction"'s Barry and the FED that are peddling fiction. Everything is NOT all right.
- The attached graphic reflecting major markets plunging from their 2014-2015 highs is one reason for this advice.
Sure, there may be some 'discomfort' on Wall Street right now, but the talking heads of the FTV and financial media are not exactly sharing this bigger global picture with viewers.
- Can't have the sheeple paying attention to the wrong things (like there being nowhere to hide from the carnage) or worried, so things are portrayed as rolling merrily along. Business as usual, and it's different this time, and BTFD (buy the effing dip).

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