Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Skipping the State of the Union...................from Rico

It makes perfect sense to completely skip Barry's final State of the Union teleprompter reading. He will be talking about himself, as usual. [p'tah]
- If you are curious how many times he uses the word "I" some slob journalist will give you the "I-count" the next day. [p'tooey]
For anyone silly or foolish enough to waste valuable time listening to the empty words of an empty person, consider who he is reading to. It's not you. here's a short, BS-free, version:
- Things could not possibly be better on Wall Street. Yay!
- Everything could be much better on Main Street. It sucks to be you!
What has two terms of HOPE and CHANGE really accomplished?
- The US is more indebted, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more lawless, and more unresponsive to you the electorate.
Barry will end with a product endorsement and tell us that he has found the Constitution to be MUCH softer than Charmin, yet equally fun to squeeze.

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