Thursday, 7 January 2016

The REAL reasons he cried.....................from Rico

Barry didn't cry the other day because he suddenly 'understood' that bearing arms is a pre-political and fundamental human right.
- He's a "progressive" [read: Communist] and could care less about stuff like the timeless human right to defend life.
And NO it wasn't a peeled onion hidden on his podium as some wags have suggested.
- He was frustrated at his inability thus far to disarm law-abiding Americans, and he's enough of a wussy that he might have squirted a few tears over that, but that wasn't it either.
But that's NOT the REAL reason he started crying!
Did you notice the Conman-in-Chief stutter briefly while reading from his teleprompter?
- Informed sources suggest that a 'rogue' intern inserted the following lines into the otherwise carefully pre-scripted text:
....."What about releasing the 4473' you and Hillary completed for the arming of the Syrian 'rebels' [ISIL]?"
....."Didn't you need an FFL for AG Holder to sell all those guns to Mexican drug cartels?"

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