Friday 29 January 2016

Was LaVoy Finicum Reaching for His Waistband? (VIDEO)

There's even more conspiracies and debate after the FBI posted the chase video from outside of Burns, Oregon.

Here, "Reaching for Waistband? Slow-Motion Footage Shows Moments Leading to LeVoy Finicum Killing (VIDEO)."

Plus, "Dramatic Footage Shows FBI and OSP Ambush LaVoy Finicum, Shoot and Kill Reaching for Waistband (VIDEO)."


Fritz said...

I'm surprised that with an ambush, excuse me, road block that they clearly planned in advance, they don't have better video. I was expecting Imax. I won't be shocked if better video exists and is being concealed until a trial.

Anonymous said...

Good thing he wasn't a black inner city thug or the riots would be already in progress.

Lord T said...

You can tell from a video.

Show us your ID.
It's in my waistband.
Go slowly now.

They clearly set this up away from the media so that they could assassinate him. I don't see any other reason why plod who regularly wear cameras and in a planned assault did not have full video.

Simply because if they did have video of him reaching for his waistband in a threatening way it would have been leaked long before now.

Never mind though. Many have moved on to the new version of XFactor but there are more and more who are not.

How much patriot blood has to be spilt before there is a change?