Monday 25 January 2016

What difference does it make?......................from Rico

Seriously, Hillary's words actually apply to the 'Oscars' kerfuffle:
- "What difference does it make?"
Ben Shapiro nailed it with his remark that "America is racist because rich black people don't win enough little meaningless statuettes from rich white people."
- Screw Hollywood. Who actually cares one bit what these self-absorbed assholes think (or fail to think)?
The same goes for the BET Awards.
- Where all da white nominees be at?
For anyone 'offended' by a whiter shade of pale, they are (a) completely missing the big picture here, and they (b) should boycott the Democratic primaries...and not because they are geriatric whites, but because they are flaming REDS. [read: Communist assholes]
- F**k all y'awl!

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