Monday 25 January 2016

Win The War But Lose The Peace - This Is What Surrender Looks Like...........from Daniel Thomas

When German Chancellor, Angela Merkel refused to allow British Prime Minister David Cameron to act in the interests of Great Britain by reforming the rules for immigrant welfare claimants unless British low paid workers were punished in return, it was a stark reminder that the German Chancellor has as much power over the British people as Cameron or any other elected Member of Parliament.

The reform was intended to stop Great Britain's generous welfare entitlement system being a magnet to economic colonists from around the world who risk life and limb to claim their free money and which has been an unmitigated disaster for the British people and their way of life.

An even bigger disaster has been Merkel's open border immigration policies combined with the new quota system which Cameron is powerless to stop. This is designed to speed up the process of cultural and demographic replacement and the imposition of so called 'multi-cultural societies' on Great Britain and the other nation states of Europe.

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