Friday 22 January 2016

Wisconsin's Elizabeth Luebke Freezes to Death After Storming Out of House Party Wearing Just Shorts and Tank-Top

Someone should've helped this poor little thing.

Twenty-one years-old and drunk as a skunk. Still, no one should have to die like that.

Here, "Drunk 21-Year-Old Woman Dies of Exposure After Leaving Party in Milwaukee with Temperatures at -6°F (VIDEO)."

She had on just shorts and a tank top. She didn't even make it four blocks before falling into the snow, freezing to death. It was -27°F with the wind chill factor.


iOpener said...

While I am sympathetic in some minor way, I am also pleased to see evolution in action.

Unfortunately, nature has no mechanism for painlessly killing or sterilizing people so unfit.

pkerot said...

why link to a website that only links to another website?
why not link directly?

drew458 said...

Truly. "Link via American Power" is acknowledgement enough. Doing the multiple clickthrough is a real pain.