Friday, 19 February 2016

Close, but no cigar....................from Rico

This political cartoon is 'close' but does not win the cigar.
- It would have been much 'closer' to the truth had Barry been depicted on the phone, but in actuality the 'word' was likely given by that famous hater of any freedom George Soros*....wotta mensch!  
*[The Hungarian Jew who keeps adding to his long list of "accomplishments" that started with helping Nazis hunt his fellow Hungarian Jews in WWII, later 'breaking' the British Pound Sterling, then (s)electing Barry as America's pResident, shoving the German Pope aside prematurely to install a Marxist Pope, and is now simultaneously funding the Islamic invasion of EUrope and Hillary Clinton's campaign to replace Barry.]
And meanwhile, that noted teller of nothing but the truth, Hillary protests a bit too loudly that "she's not in anyone's pocket".......

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