Monday 15 February 2016

For Faint-Hearted Jews (You Know Who You Are)...........................from Dan Friedman

I have good news for every Jew who hid in his closet after he heard that Ted Cruz accepted an endorsement from an "anti-Semitic" Evangelical  preacher named Mike Bickle. It's safe to come out now.
In the first instance, this was a prefabricated story concocted by progressive Jews and their useful idiots in the Jewish media. It was intended to scare off a few wealthy conservative Jewish donors who were considering Cruz for their support. But it never did gain traction in the mainstream because it was parochial and rested on quicksand from the beginning.
Ted Cruz has since responded. He said he welcomes the support of the clergyman in question and others of many persuasions, including scores of rabbis, who have already backed him publicly.
Quite a far cry from the hapless John McCain who dropped Pastor John Hagee like a hot potato when faced with roughly the same choice. If memory serves, Obama beat McCain going away while almost 80% of Jews pulled the lever for a man who would quickly become one of our greatest nemesis since Haman. So it looks like Ted Cruz has gone to school on McCain and learned a valuable lesson. Or maybe Cruz is just a more principled man. Meanwhile, Hagee remains one of the best friends Israel has.
Until Jews leave behind the hysterical knee-jerk reactions learned in the shtetl, we’ll continue to compound our mistakes by turning away men like Ted Cruz and other fine gentiles who are our proven allies. Rejecting our friends in favor of our enemies has simply become too dangerous in the world Obama is leaving us.
But if Cruz continues to scare you, well, there’s always a backup – our dear landsman, comrade Bernie Sanders.

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