Tuesday, 2 February 2016

#Malheur Occupation: LeVoy Finicum Protesters, and Counter-Protesters, in Burns, Oregon

Passions are running high out in Oregon.

Here, "'Hands Up Don't Shoot'! — Dueling LaVoy Finicum Protests at Harney County Courthouse in Burns, Oregon."

Plus, "LATEST: #Malheur Occupier David Fry Remains at Wildlife Refuge Along with Last Three Holdouts."

Burns Protesters LaVoy photo CaKOFfrUsAADaHP_zps0xqnqmhm.jpg


Anonymous said...

Imagine that you are stupid enough to occupy a federal building AND declare that you are armed. Then after a few weeks of being told you must leave you are on a trip to a different place to protest or something. The police pull your car over and in a moment of sheer brilliance you decide to try to outrun them. No you are an armed escaping felon. Suddenly you encounter a roadblcok and try to drive around it but get stuck in the snow. Now would an intelligent person stay in the car and obey the police orders as they have you exit and back up towards them? But no! You run from the car but are surrounded by the police who have their guns trained on you. Are you smart enough to give up yet? Nope! You still have more stupid to play out so after faking them out by raising your hands you suddenly reach for a gun and prove to the whole world that stupid is bone deep.

Mark Matis said...

Which is why, Anonymous at 03:54, that the serial number on the gun that Mr. Finicum supposedly had came back as having been stolen two years ago. Dead pigs. Coming soon. Every employee of every agency involved in that murder now has a target on their back. REGARDLESS of whether they participated. Anywhere. Any time. Any way. Under their very own Rules of Engagement.

Lon Horiuchi, baby!

Donald Douglas said...

He didn't reach for a gun, but thanks for showing so much courage by commenting anonymously.