Friday 19 February 2016

Playing through..........................from Rico

Buttmunch can't be bothered to skip a round of golf for Justice Scalia's funeral.
- He has a demonstrated record of skipping funerals of honorable men he disagrees with. You know, General's killed in combat, policemen, people like that.
- He also has a demonstrated record of being first in line to "toss the salad" or "polish the knob" of anyone who hates America, is a black racist, a Communist. or a heinous criminal (pardon the redundancy) and/or "bend-over" for them (even if the lap-dog MSM poodles call that 'bowing').
Here we have a gutless, characterless, poster child for rude, infantile, "Communist scumbag" WRIT LARGE.
If you are a decent, law-abiding, tax-paying, race tolerant, normal human being in America have you figured-out yet where you stand with this walking shit sandwich without the bread?

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