Tuesday 2 February 2016

Silver intentionally smashed 2.5%....................from Rico

Last Thursday's Silver price action has been artfully, if not truthfully, blamed on a "flash crash" when it was not.
- It was an intentional, orchestrated, price SMASH.
When six bullion banks in concert dump over 25 million ounces of paper Silver into the market in under 90 seconds (which moved the London price 84-cents below where spot had been quietly trading, and coincidental with the timing of the London Price Fix) it was not by accident, and it was not a computer glitch. It was INTENTIONAL.
- Somebody very BIG, and very CONNECTED, badly needed to settle and/or permanently close a "short" contract without taking any pain. They were big and connected enough to make it happen. Any "Muppets" who were sellers took it in the shorts for them.
Bear this one thing in mind: The bankers will rob you to save themselves.
- Move along now. Nothing to see here.

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EarlW said...

The Silver graph is from 2012...