Monday 22 February 2016

The unasked questions.....................from Rico

I can just hear R. Lee Ermey in his "Gunny" voice asking "What is your major malfunction numbnuts?"
Apparently some ICE dimwit left his loaded service weapon on the roof of his car, drove away, and now it's gone.
- Too bad. That was a nice-looking SigSauer P229. Want to bet whoever finds it will better know how to take care of it (and use it) better than Barney the Fed?
No one seems to be asking THIS question:
- WHY was the weapon unholstered in the first place? It's not like ICE is actually enforcing any laws these days.
Which in turn begs yet another question:
- With this regime's open border policies, and track record of arming Mexican drug cartels and Muslim terrorists, how long before pResident F**kwit starts handing out free weapons at the borders to all comers, no questions asked?

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