Friday 12 February 2016

They Felt The Bern In Venezuela Now They Can't Get Toilet Paper..............from Daniel Thomas

They'll either be throwing their hands up in despair in downtown Caracas today, or splitting their sides with laughter, as Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire Democratic Primary by promising lots of 'free stuff' to blinkered voters under the banner of something called 'democratic socialism'.

Mentioning 'democratic' and 'socialism' in the same sentence is itself an indication of delusion which seems to infect all proponents of this tested, failed and derelict ideology.

Both Democratic Party candidates in the Presidential primaries, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton espouse socialism as their core ideology although the more PR conscious Clinton prefers to use the more image friendly labels 'progressive' or 'liberal'.

It doesn't matter how it's packaged, socialism/communism remains a destructive ideology with a proven track record of abject failure, poverty, misery and tyranny.

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