Monday 8 February 2016

Who Will The Establihment Back if Rubio Tanks?..........................from Dan Friedman

The field is narrowing in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Last night the establishment’s ringer, Marco Rubio, shot himself in the foot and the bullet caromed off a rock to hit him in the mouth too. He showed clearly why he is not made of presidential material, even if Karl Rove thinks otherwise. A look at the latest polls this morning show Trump still has a commanding lead, way ahead of the pack. Cruz and Rubio are now the only viable candidates remaining with a realistic chance to replace Trump atop the leader board as Super Tuesday and the nominating convention draws nigh. This brings up a tantalizing question. If the Republican elites see their stalking horse fade in the stretch, who will be the next nag they’ll put their two dollars on? One look at the landscape tells you they’re quickly running out of options. Serves the momsers right for selling out the country to Barack Hussein Obama!

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