Thursday, 17 March 2016

Clueless dumbasses...........................from Rico

Oh c'mon!
- When did the 'buckeye' state become the 'dumbass' state?
Boehner, RINO from Ohio and Pelosi's clone. endorses Ryan for President?
- And the GOPe still does NOT 'get' it, and they couldn't buy a clue even if Soros gave them the money.
Maybe the EPA should 'look into' the drinking water in Ohio.
- After all, the state went for both Kasich (another RINO) and Hillary (C) who just gleefully said she was going to "put a lot of coal companies out of business and miners out of a job" (blissfully uncaring how important coal is to the Ohio economy).
Bask in the glory today, Ohioans. Bask in the glory.
- Celebrate what both wings of the "establishment" UniParty have done, and will do, for you.

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