Wednesday 16 March 2016

Communists, Assholes, and Democrats......................from Rico

The political parties of Truman and Eisenhower are long vanished.
- The "establishment" GOP and Democratic parties of today are two sides of the same corrupt coin, and trying to differentiate between them is like arguing which gang you'd rather be mugged by...the Bloods or the Crips...who not coincidentally use Red and Blue as their gang colors just like the RINO's and the Jackasses do.
About the time the Democrats veered sharply to the political left, their biggest enablers aka the MSM very subtly reversed their portrayal of national party colors. How may recall that the Dems traditionally were represented by RED and the Republicans by BLUE?
- When the Democrats became Dem (C) the "red" was ditched because it was too representative of their new Communist agenda, so "blue" became the color used in TV and print graphics from that point onward...NOT that the assholes in the MSM would ever 'cover' for their asshole Democrat (C) pals.
Since I'm talking about Communists, Assholes, and Democrats this does segue nicely into an observation I just made about HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary Clinton.
- Her "logo" (the H with the RED arrow) has just changed colors. The formerly "red" arrow is now a pale "blue" arrow. 

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