Monday 21 March 2016

Go Red, and you too, can conserve energy................................from Rico

You too, can conserve energy.
- All you have to do is go "green" by going RED.
I have long held that the "Green" movement was much like a watermelon, 'green' on the outside, but completely 'red' on the inside.
- If you doubt that "Green is the new Red" then you can read the book.
That most "red" of places, North Korea [DPRK] for sticklers and "Norks" for the rest of us, is currently a living demonstration of ALL the wonders a "socialist worker's paradise on earth" has to offer you.
- Yes, I'm speaking to YOU Barry, Bernie, Hillary, Gyorgii Soros, and all of your many supporters.
Presented for your consideration, then dismissive laughter, is North Korea as the 'world leader' in going 'green' and in energy conservation............
- Socialism-Communism can do this for EVERONE.

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