Friday 11 March 2016

International Women's Day - Feminists Won't Stand Up For Muslim Women..........from Daniel Thomas

With violent attacks on women and children by depraved Muslim immigrants spiraling out of control throughout Europe, there isn't a more suitable day than International Women's Day for those feminists who are most vocal about the rights of their gender to stop the token displays of outrage and actually do something tangible to help the victims of Muslim misogyny.

The world waited with bated breath for some announcement or orchestrated public display of solidarity with the worldwide sisterhood but alas words and actions came there none.

Despite desperate attempts by the ruling elite to censor the ever more appalling attacks on women and young girls by their most indulged special interest group, it becomes more obvious by the day that the authorities are not only turning a blind eye but are actively allowing other barbaric Muslim practices to enter main stream life in order redefine our 'values' and 'who we are'.

One expects this of politicians with an agenda to impose but the deafening silence of the women's movement, along with their publicity seeking celebrity hangers-on, is an indication that their concern for their sisters is contrived, insincere and used for image enhancement purposes only.

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