Friday 4 March 2016

Is America Becoming French?.........................from Rico

Even if you do not read all the way to the end, take this thought with you:
                      TRUMP IS AMERICA'S ROBESPIERRE
Later today the GOPe (the Republican establishment) will trot out their previous establishment "loser" choice for President, Romney.
- This is akin to having Marie Antoinette address the starving rabble from her balcony.
Just like the GOPe's recent establishment "loser" choice, Jeb Bush, Romney's message will not be seriously entertained or considered by very many. He will call Trump a phony, and a fraud, who is making worthless promises in order to get elected. Sound familiar? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
- After the Republican betrayal following the last mid term elections. "Get stuffed" or "what do you mean eat cake?" will be the reaction.
People are slowly figuring-out that the PHONIES and the FRAUDS are clearly the Republican and Democrat "establishment" career politicians and that it is their respective PROMISES have been worthless for a very long time now.
- For too long.
Trump may be many things, but the one thing he is NOT is an establishment politician. Hell, many would argue that he's not any kind of 'politician' at least not the kind everyone is used to (Romney, Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, et get the idea). 
- That he is NOT is exactly what his appeal is to so very many. People are tired of "getting the business, as usual" from their politicians.
The "establishment political elites" of both parties remind me of the French aristocracy in that they do NOT clearly see what is coming.
- Sure, they know 'something' is in the wind and that 'the peasant's are revolting' ["they certainly are" a King Barry, Duke Romney or Duchess Hillary might cleverly sniff] but they are missing the point because they are scared witless of a real change.
Thinking in terms of the French Revolution,

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