Tuesday, 22 March 2016

ISIS + Unvetted 'Refugees' = Brussels Airport And Metro Bombing...from TPC

ISIS + Unvetted 'Refugees' = Brussels Airport And Metro Bombing

While Barack Obama toasts Cuba at a state dinner in Havana and attends a baseball game there while the world is burning, consider this when you spend a few seconds or a few minutes today thinking about how horrific the terrorist attacks that just happened at an airport in Brussels and in a Metro station there are...
Will you, despite the fact that we have had multiple Islamic extremist terrorist attacks on our soil including 9/11, the San Bernardino attack and the attack at Fort Hood, view this terrorist attack in Brussels as just another news story from far away before getting on with your day...
Or will you finally wake-up and understand that the policies of Barack Obama both domestic and foreign have opened-up our nation to the same potential for indiscriminate killing and that our President wants to bring in unvetted refugees to seal the deal (not to mention our open border with Mexico)!
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