Thursday, 17 March 2016

It's NOT by accident or coincidence, it's according to plan...........................................from Rico

Things aren't getting worse by accident, or by coincidence.
- Everything so far is going pretty much according to plan. You really didn't think that Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, and Black Lives Matter happened by accident or melded into today's Social Justice Warriors by coincidence did you?
When you're a filthy rich, twisted, sociopath with an "agenda" it's amazing what a lot of money and evil intent can accomplish.
I'm talking about the Hungarian Jewish boy born in 1930, George Schwartz.
- You probably know of him as George Soros, but you need to know him better than you think you do. George is NOT your friend, and he does NOT mean well for you.
After a name change which 'hid' him from the Nazis, George was a collaborator who helped Nazis uncover Jews so they could be sent to the death camps and their possessions looted.
- In his own words: "It was the happiest time of my life."
One of his early financial "achievements" was breaking the Pound Sterling and the Bank of England, which he has often bragged about publicly.
But when you're an uber-wealthy Socialist, why stop there?
- George has since funded, and still actively funds, any and all entities that are focused on the destruction of capitalism, individual liberty, and human rights. He is the very poster-child for the Social Justice Warrior of today.
George was THE sponsor and power behind the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon America, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama.
George is now THE sponsor and power behind the push to beat Trump and inflict HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary Clinton upon America.
WHY do I say this? Because George...again, in his own words....says this: "DESTROYING AMERICA WILL BE THE CULMINATION OF MY LIFE'S WORK."
- George has done very well at playing people for suckers and fools so far.
And just one thought for anyone who "thinks as they are told" and is "ready" for Hillary...........NO ONE ever died 'escaping' from capitalism.

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