Thursday 24 March 2016


There are many, many Republicans who simply cannot cast a vote for Donald Trump, even if he wins the GOP nomination. For most of those, it is a matter of conscience, not a temper tantrum as some have charged. This, of course, has given rise to the #NeverTrump movement. Although I fully understand why people have taken this position, we must all be aware that there are unintended consequences that we must deal with.   (continue reading)


Jim said...

I held my nose and voted for mccain and I held my nose and voted for romney. Now it is your turn. We simply cannot afford 4 more years of corruption and "fundamentally changing the country." The next president will get a chance to appoint at least 2 and perhaps 3 supreme court justices and if they win two terms perhaps 4 or even 5 justices. Ask your self, do you want the person appointing those justices a democrat or a republican?
Because of this impact I wonder if the NeverTrump movement isn't led by communists or democrats?

edutcher said...

It's a tantrum.

These are the same morons who bragged about staying home last time (of course, it's been proven they were lying).

It's a coalition of Libertarians who want to run the Conservative movement and a few sorehead Conservatives.

Let 'em stay home. Trump's bringing back the Reagan Democrats.

Anonymous said...

It's principal.

Anonymous said...

Only thing Trump brings back is Tammary Hall,