Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Why Belgium is Ground Zero for European Jihadis

No More Hug-A-Terrorist

Belgian Terrorists Can Still Enter US Without a Visa

Judicial Watch: New Clinton Documents Raise Questions on Benghazi, Clinton Foundation

Hillary Vs. Trump: Godzilla Vs. King Kong?

Incognito cop went to Trump rally to find truth; he felt safe until ‘hateful, evil’ protesters took over

Terror in Brussels: A Wounded City Searches for Answers

Russian Sub Combat Patrols Nearly Doubled in 2015

Islamic Terrorism Is Over If You Want It

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Anonymous said...

If people didnt learn anything from 911, what could they learn from Madrid, 7/7, Paris, Beslan, Beheadings, Burnings alive, Throwing from buildings, child sex slaves...

Do you get it?? If they didnt wake after 911, they are stupid and thought the crocodile would eat others only