Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Not cool, and not funny........................from Rico

At least the Blutarsky character in "Animal House" made you 'guess' when he asked onlookers "What am I?"... and John was actually funny about it, too.
There is NO 'guessing' with the two leading contenders from the Democratic Party (C), they are very open and forthcoming about it.....they are Communists, and this is NOT funny in the least.
That either Bernie or Hillary have ANY support is a testament to the ignorance of the American voter about Communism.
- Some naive souls maintain it'll work next time "if you finally have the right people in charge" or suggest "it'll be different this time" ....but the end result is ALWAYS the same. Their "sweet words" always turn into "deadly results."
There is a valid reason the signature 'color' of Communism is blood red, it is because the only thing Communists are really good at is killing people (usually their own people).

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