Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Not so 'super'...........................from Rico

IF you rely upon TV for your "news" then you probably assume that the coronation of Hillary Clinton as the Class President of a failed generation is inevitable. To badly paraphrase Mark Twain "if you don't watch TV news you are uninformed, if you DO then you are misinformed."
- You are also probably unaware that the Hillary-Bernie delegate count (setting-aside the impossibility of winning six-sequential coin tosses)  'won' by actual vote is much closer than you are being told it is, and you are most certainly unaware that buried in those pesky secret-private
e-mails is the fact that the Clinton political machine has actually been 'funding' DNC operations.
This screen capture from MSNBC [3/29] showing Hillary with 1,678 delegates compared to Bernie's 1,003 delegates must be discouraging to his supporters.
- It is meant to be discouraging, and to make it appear that Hillary is winning. It is also a blatant misrepresentation. The media is lying to you to protect their choice.
Bloomberg's screen capture [3/27] properly strips-out those "super delegates" from the delegates selected by vote and shows a much closer race between Bernie-975 delegates and Hillary-1243 delegates.
- If Bernie continues to 'win' delegates selected by vote....well, those "super delegates" are NOT a sure thing for Hillary. The annotation says it all.
And, consider this: if there is even a 'scent' or 'perception' that Bernie won the voting delegates but was 'robbed' of the nomination via the DNC's rigging their system with "super delegates" those Bernie supporters will NOT be voting for Hillary, and the Democratic Party (C) will have just committed political suicide by demonstrating that the Party chooses its own nominee, not the voters of the party....ironically the very same position the GOPe may find itself in (disenfranchising their own members).

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