Wednesday 2 March 2016

Peddling Facts......................from Rico

The only one who has been "peddling fiction" about the economy has been Barry Obunghole.
Here are some facts.
- Just the facts.
The American economy is deeply down the crapper thanks to Barry.
- Berry, of course, wants to insist that his "fantasy legacy" is wonderful but Marxists....especially Marxists that spend most of their time stoned out of their gourd.....tend to insist that even a turd can be polished, as long as the right apparatchik is doing the polishing.
Speaking of turds this segues neatly into a discussion of Hillary.After all "she is fighting for you" to have even MORE of this legacy. [think: no child, or grandchild, or student, or poor person, or victim, or debtor, or healthy person, or retiree, or senior citizen, or family, or renter left untouched.]
- By all means, vote for Hillary and get even more of the same sh*ttiness that has been Barry's hallmark.

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