Wednesday 16 March 2016

That sound..........................from Rico

That sound....that giant sucking the undemocratic 'victory' of America's most undemocratic candidate Hillary Rotten Clinton in Tuesday's primaries.
After getting more Democratic (C) votes than is possible in thoroughly corrupt strongholds like Illinois, it looks like "Feel the Bern" has been replaced by "Feel the Suck."
- If you thought Barry was bad, you can rest easy...Hillary will be worse.
There is a contemporary military expression that goes "embrace the suck." You didn't have to be there to 'get' it.
- Now is the time to flush out your head gear and "Reject the Suck" or everyone is going to 'get' it...and not in a good way.
One very BIG clue is that "Che" is changing his t-shirt from this Bernie version for a Hillary one.
- No worries though, George Soros is paying for the shirt now, you'll ALL be paying him back for that 'kindness' later....

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