Tuesday 15 March 2016

The Whig Party of Today.....................from Rico

Romney the RINO campaigned with and for Kasich the RINO in Ohio yesterday.
Romney said "Kasich has the kind of record that you want in Washington."
- Let that sink in for a moment. Really?
This may be the most clueless statement ever uttered by Romney, and unless you're a complete fool, the kiss of death for Kasich.
- It erases ALL doubt that the GOPe has become as irrelevant today as the Whig party.
It's already painfully clear that to those dwelling inside the DC beltway, supporting amnesty for illegals, climate change, gun control, socialized medicine, trade "deals" (like TPP), and all the other happy horseshit that is destroying the nation actually IS the kind of record you want....IN Washington.
- Or, put another way: these shmucks support everything the rest of the country OUTSIDE Washington DOES NOT WANT. 

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