Thursday 17 March 2016

USA Colleges Official Incubators For the New Fascism..................from Dan Friedman

[I participated wholeheartedly in the anti-war movement of the 60s, and three words I never heard were Israel, Zionism or Jew. Maybe I’d be better off if I had. The left has always been active on American campuses but it has only been within the last decade (i.e.,the Obama era) that they've added Jew-hatred, anti-Zionism and liberal fascism to the curriculum. There is a link here between why this has crept up on us almost unnoticed and the hysteria surrounding Trump's surging popularity. In both cases, the media has refused to inform us, first about the severity of the problems in the universities aggravated by an influx of Muslims, and then the rising anger on Main St. brought about by the failure of our political class, in particular the Republican establishment. df]

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