Saturday 23 April 2016

ABSURD.....................from Rico

Absurd works, so does nucking futs.
Barry "threatens" trade with the UK over THEIR vote on an EU Brexit (something that is NONE of his damned business), but opens trade with Communist Cuba and Terrorist Iran and very publicly French-kissing Saudi Arabia's ass.
He insults American history and one of its greatest Generals and Presidents by replacing him on the $20 bill in some slavery-fixation fit of retroactive affirmative action.
Close Clinton crony Gov. McAuliffe restores the rights of criminal felons to vote, hoping to sway Virginia for $Hillary 2016.
Q: What could possibly explain this extraordinary confluence of asshatery and ridiculous f**kwitery being displayed by "liberal" American twatwaffles running amok?
A: These people have their heads so far up their asses, that they're not only back up on their shoulders but also completely full of sh*t.

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