Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Colorado Introduces NEW GOP LOGO and MOTTO.....................from Rico

The Colorado GOP recently got the credit for officially "rolling out" the NEW GOP logo, but it has actually been in the works at the RNC for a long time.
- The GOP redesign project started immediately after the mid-term elections replaced Reid-Pelosi with McConnell-Boehner, and had its roots in logo-envy. The RINO's were green over the success the Democrats had been having (and focus groups indicated would continue having) as a result of their own re-branding of their jackass logo to the tried-and-true Communist logo. They simply wanted one of their own.
Dropping the RINO logo for one more descriptive of the GOP's goal to take up the voter's slack for them, the RNC (who thought the Colorado GOP logo showed great promise and was really hep and kewl) gave the lead on their project to the Colorado GOP.
- In hindsight, naysayers might argue that it was a mistake trusting anything to Colorado after their legalization of recreational cannabis in 2012, but their Democrat logo-envy got the better of them.
In the end, the NEW GOP logo turned out to be both definitive and descriptive, although the NEW GOP motto "Go Ahead and Burn the Party Down" didn't fit on the new design.
On the positive side, it will give the RNC something to 'do' for the next century before they have a shot at any national, state, or local office again.

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