Saturday 9 April 2016

Conceit or delusion?......................from Rico

The great conceit of "progressives" and all "big government" types is that THEY know better how to spend YOUR money than YOU do.
- The rest of us call this a delusion. An abusive delusion.
But YOU decide for yourself, happy taxpayer.
- If you work, then you work 16 weeks out of 52 to pay taxes.
- You will pay MORE in taxes than you do for food, clothing, and housing combined.
- If you don't work, you can spend tax dollars for 52 weeks.
Here are just a few examples of government spending your money more wisely than you ever could:
- Giving tax dollars to Iran for its nuclear weapons program.
- Making tax dollars available to illegal aliens for Social Security.
- Spending tax dollars to import and support Muslim "refugees."
- Creating and funding ISIS with tax dollars.
                                    and, of course
- Bailing-out banks with tax dollars was among those wise choices.
                        but my personal favorite is this
- Funding an endless series of frequent, lavi$h vacations for Barry and his faux-family plus all their hangers on.
                    others might argue that THIS is the acme
- Paying tax dollars for skatey-eight thousand rounds of golf for Barry, aka King Putt.
Makes me almost think Lois Lerner of the IRS was trying to be helpful and ease the pain when she said "try not to think of it as your money, none of the us do."

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