Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Desperately Seeking a Legacy - $20's & Toilets..................from Rico

I suppose if your primary achievement in life was to be head "choom boy" and be stoned all the time, with Spicoli as your idol, the Sunday night before school on Monday morning must be a real bummer.....especially if you spent the last 7+ years sucking on a bong (and other things) instead of doing your homework.
Barry is desperately seeking a last-minute legacy, much as a lazy student would want to copy a book report to hand-in on Monday.
- Hey, why NOT 'tinker' with the $20 bill and 'fiddle' with who goes to what either one is exactly 'hard' unless you're a drug-addled idiot.
Then it makes perfect sense!
- This is your pResident's mind on drugs............
$20's and Toilets.
- Helluva "legacy" choom boy!

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