Saturday, 2 April 2016

Every Day is April Fool's Day........................from Rico

April Fool's Day. One could be excused for thinking the BS'ers at the BLS were joking today about the NFP (non farm payroll), but no. They were not.
- They tell the same joke monthly about employment-unemployment. It's getting stale, but repitition of the joke has also made it seem perfectly normal and made everyone forget that 23% of working age Americans are NOT working.
Of course, the usual suspects conducted the usual paper raid [read: massive unbacked naked paper shorts to move the spot price] on the CRIMEX in support of the fiction being peddled.
- Call it a sympathy fucking of all the Muppets who have not heeded St. Ann of Barnhard's admonishment: "If you're still in these markets you're either stupid or on drugs."
In the context of other "fiction" being peddled by the regime [Islam is not a threat, but climate change is; 5% unemployment means full employment, not counting the 96 million unemployed; gun control has made Chicago safe; get the idea by now] the obviously "rigged" market action certainly could be perceived as 'normal'....just as 'normal' as the media's fixation on anything BUT real news or real problems.
If you are old enough to remember Annette Funicello and the Original Mickey Mouse Club from the days of black-and-white TV, then you remember that Wednesday was "anything can happen day."
- Fast forward, and thanks to "progressivism" every day is "April Fool's Day."

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