Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fundamental Transformation...................from Rico

Does anyone in America vaguely recall the even vaguer promise Barry made to "fundamentally transform" America?
- He was intentionally vague about the specifics, but he had to be. Even the dumbed-down, reality-tv addicted, attention-span of a goldfish America would NOT have liked to hear the facts.
Try this on for size: America has been 'transformed' from the arsenal of democracy into the arsenal of hypocrisy.
Sparing the Sahara Forest of internet trees that would have to be sacrificed listing Barry's efforts to flush America (and the entire Anglosphere) down the crapper, let's focus instead on something nobody wants to talk about anywhere:
- Who hates America more than its so-called 'ally' Saudi Arabia?
Saudia was involved in planning and financing both Osama Bin Laden AND 9-11.
- The Saudi embassy in DC was directly involved in 9-11.
- Some of the Saudi 9-11 attackers lived with an FBI informant.
- The Saudis paid Pakistan hundreds of millions of dollars to 'hide' Bin Laden.
- Saudia provided the 'seed' money to establish and launch ISIS.
Why does America tolerate this? Apart from the obvious "because Barry wants it that way" there is the $800 billion in US Treasury debt the Saudis hold, plus great blackmail info on other US dirty dealings in the past just for starters.
- Saudi Arabia "owns" Barry's ass....and Barry appears to like it 'that way.'

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