Saturday 23 April 2016

Hungry for Pancakes......................from Rico

This is enough to make me hungry for pancakes.
There is a twisted "logic" (and some very bad judgement) behind replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.
- He fought FOR the US, and fought against central banking, was founder of the Democrat Party, so dump this dead white male.
This is mirrored by keeping Hamilton on the ten dollar bill.
- He supported central banking (Aaron Burr called him a "Rothschild stooge"), so let's keep this dead white male.
Adams, Madison, or Monroe? No no no no NO. They were white males. Disqualified.
Molly Pitcher, Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, or Clara Barton? No no no no NO. They were white females. Disqualified. 
Selecting a gun-carrying Republican because she's a black female (, Michell didn't qualify) was a most clever ploy to "distract" everyone from the logo on a popular rolling paper being changed FROM the Zig Zag man to Barry.
All this racist liberal fixation with erasing and rewriting history is giving me the "munchies" .....maybe some Aunt Jemima pancakes while I consider those other wildly unpopular currency tamperings like Jimmy Carter's (the second-wurst President) introduction of the Susan Anthony dollar coin, and the forgettable Sacagawea dollar coin.
Yeah, the reigning wurst evah pResident is clearly desperate for 'some' kind of legacy....why not make the venerable twenty look like a box of pancake mix?
- Choom boy has obviously been going through vast quantities of rolling paper.
After all, he could have just as easily put Harriet's face on the JPM-issued EBT cards.

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