Tuesday 19 April 2016

I'm Dan Friedman & I Approved This Message....................

[Let me admit this upfront. No way, no how can this email message vie with the story about Cruz’s five mistresses we read in our paper of record, the National Enquirer. Nor can it possibly contend with the steady stream of rants being emitted from people who are still fighting to rid fluoride from the water supply. (Did you know Cruz is part of a secret Christian cult that’s anti-Semitic, and on top of that, he's also a "Globalist" and a card-carrying member of the New World Order and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
- and even worse, Cruz is a Mason too!?) But if you’re an American who has managed to keep your wits about you the last few months, there’s still hope for you and I and the country we love, the USA. df]


edutcher said...

You must be joking.

Daddy Cruz voted for TPP, the Corker Amendment. and the Ocare omnibus spending bill.

We knew about the lies of Ocare, corruption, and waste long before he came along. He was for amnesty before Donald Trump came out against it.

and his is no Conservative nor is he anoitsider - one look at his resume and his voting record refutes both thos.

Eskyman said...

Well Dan,

Don't belittle Ted's wife's work!

Heidi Cruz has worked tirelessly to promote the North American Union, a mere step on the way to a globalist society where nations such as the USA are only a memory.

That's why she & Ted lived apart for several years; her work is much more important to her than her family (Ted's a career guy too, he'll leave his family to advance his career- he'll do just about anything to advance his career.)

You do know that all the PACs supporting Ted are paid for by rich globalists, don't you? And that Ted's campaign staff are from the Bush camp? They're solid Establishment you know, hardly "outsiders," that's just to fool the plebs. That whole Kabuki theater thing of calling McConnell a liar, that didn't take you in did it? After that scene was wrapped, they had a good laugh about it offstage.

Please tell me you know all this stuff, it's not in the NYT of course, it's just true!