Monday 4 April 2016

Not a law firm................from Rico

Yutz, Putz, Nebbish and Schmuck is not a law firm, but a one-man clown show and lingering joke with no punchline....otherwise known as Barry Soetoero aka Barack Hussein Obama.
- A legend in his own stoned, Marxist, mind and a nasty skidmark on the Presidency (his legacy).
Seriously. Grinning and flashing the 'peace' sign at a global nuclear conference of world leaders.
- Whether he was stoned out of his mind, or not, he is out of his mind and in water way over his head.

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Anonymous said...

At Muslim conferences, starting early on in Egypt, Obama can be seen showing the "there is only the one god Allah" sign. that is the index finger. Similar to a number one sign.

of course obama is always wearing the proclamation of allegiance to Allah ring that he has worn reportedly since he was living with his roommate, Mohamed, at Occidental College.