Friday 8 April 2016

Outrageous!......................from Rico

Remember the "bail-out" of General Motors that later led to the sobriquet "Government Motors?"
Here is some 'payback' for the original owners (the bond holders) of GM being disenfranchised and sold-out by the Obama regime:
- Chinese-manufactured Cadillacs will now be imported and sold to US customers.
- Thanks a bunch.
This is the "system" that both political parties support, that routinely and regularly jams it up America's ass for a few bucks in their own pockets.
- Whether you support Sanders or Trump, THIS is exactly why average people are not only "fed up" but ready to burn the whole damned corrupt and rotten system down and start over from scratch.
Once again, America has been 'played' for suckers by its 'leaders.'
- World-class suckers. Mugs. Jerks.

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