Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Repudiate, not rock, the vote?.......................from Rico

Is America changing from a "rock the vote" mindset to a "repudiate the vote" attitude?
The "political class" of both the DNC and the GOP establishments don't see it, and the house-broken lapdog MSM will not say it, BUT Americans are dissatisfied and angry about a dysfunctional political and economic system.
- The first attachment illustrates how the voter has "gone Galt" and is stepping outside the false choice being presented. People are so angry that they are supporting Sanders and Trump over the DNC's 'annointed one' Hillary and the GOPe's #NoTrump effort.............both former major political parties are seen as $hills for Wall Street and a corrupt, crony financial system that has captured the political system.
The second attachment speaks to the GOPe's efforts to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again (having failed to anoint another Bush)....because they see themselves as 'winning' even if they lose and $hillary wins (which means the $cam continues and the 'connected' stay connected).
Would it not be interesting if both the legacy parties managed to "rig" their nomination process to the extent that they deprived both Sanders and Trump of nomination for President and put forward their respective selections of "business as usual" candidates?
- How many voters would be furious enough to "write in" Sanders or Trump and repudiate the system's selection for them I wonder?
- That would be better than voting for "nobody" because nobody tells the truth, nobody keeps their promises, nobody knows what they're doing, nobody is honest, and nobody represents what's best for the people...................

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